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What Is Broad-Spectrum CBD

What Is Broad-Spectrum CBD

Posted by Green Yams on Nov 4th 2020

What Is Broad-Spectrum CBD

CBD has grown in popularity and use over the last few years. CBD is the non psychoactive part of cannabis. What makes Broad- Spectrum CBD different then pure CBD and Full-spectrum CBD?

There are three main parts of CBD ( cannabidiol ) , each with veering effects. Pure CBD, Broad- Spectrum and Full-spectrum CBD all have different effects and uses. Cannabinoids are the properties found in the cannabis plant. There are 144 known isolates that come from the cannabis plant. THC and CBD are the two most well known isolates from the plant. All vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system in their body. As more research is done to study the different effects of the 144 known compounds found in the cannabis plant, different isolates from the plant will be used in a number of therapeutic ways. For example CBD is an isolate used for it’s strong anti inflammatory benefits. CBG is another isolate used because it's thought to help regulate mood thanks to its ability to boost anandamide, the body’s native “bliss” molecule.

When you consume the whole cannabis plant you get something called the entourage effect.. The Entourage Effect is the results produced from the synergistic interaction of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids naturally found in cannabis.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD has all the parts of the cannabis plant. Some have only 0.03% THC, while others have higher amounts. It changes from state to state on the regulations of THC percentage allowed.

Some people who consume cannabis with high levels of THC and very low levels of other CBD compounds, report feelings of anxiety and borderline psychosis. This happens because THC is a psychotic, but CBD and other cannabis isolates are anti psychotic. Consuming the whole plant balances out the effects leading to homeostasis in the body.

The entourage effect is well represented in full spectrum CBD. It is also the most natural form of the plant because it undergoes less processing than pure CBD and Broad- Spectrum CBD.


CBD extract is the most popular type of cannabinoid on the market, It’s legal everywhere. With all this hype, is pure CBD the least efficient way to get the benefits of the cannabis plant?

CBD is the most processed of the three types. Since CBD is one of 144 different isolates it does not provide the entourage effect.. Pure CBD only offers the anti-inflammatory properties and a few more. Many of the benefits of the whole plant is lost when CBD is used alone.

CBD is a safe way to make sure you are not getting any THC, and the most wide spread product type in the cannabis market today.

Broad Spectrum CBD

The third and final type of CBD on the market is Broad Spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum is a mix between Pure CBD and Full Spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum can contain no THC and up to .03% THC. Broad spectrum is like full spectrum without noticeable THC levels.

Broad spectrum is less processed than pure CBD because it includes dozens of the different isolates and terpenes ( essential oils found in plants) found in the cannabis and hemp..

The entourage effect is found in the use of broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum is a good product for getting the full use of the cannabis plant without the THC.

Full spectrum would be the most ideal type of CBD to use because it incorporates all parts of the plant, but if you are worried about drug testing or you live in a state that only allows CBD, broad spectrum would be the next best option to use. Why not try our Broad-spectrum CBD Matcha at This tea is a great way to enjoy Broad-spectrum CBD in a tasty and healthy tea!