Welcome to our Mushroom Grow Class! Are you interested in growing your own gourmet mushrooms or magic mushrooms? Whether you're in the Denver area or anywhere else, we have you covered with our comprehensive grow class.

For those in the Denver area, we offer in-person classes for both gourmet and magic mushrooms. For those outside of the area, we offer video guided calls for gourmet mushrooms and video calls for magic mushrooms.

Our kits for magic mushrooms include everything you need to get started, including 2 shoe boxes for growing, spawn, coco coir, and a spray bottle for misting. Our gourmet mushroom kits include multiple grow kits and information on growing your own with straw.

No matter your level of experience, our classes are designed to help you grow delicious and healthy mushrooms in the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn how to grow your own mushrooms!